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Our vineyard project started in 2001
with the purchase of 14 hectares and a villa.

Our vineyard project started in 2001 with the purchase of 14 hectares and a villa.  Today, we dedicate six hectares to organic and biodynamic wine production and the villa is a peaceful, relaxing eco-friendly, non-smoking B&B that we are sure you will enjoy. Making wine was our dream, but we had no idea where to begin! So, with the help of a famous Italian enologist we were ready to go!

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Although we were beginners, the work we were supposed to do in the wine cellar didn’t feel right. In no time at all, we realized that most wine is industrialized and made in the wine cellar using mathematical equations to add the right doses of yeasts, tannins, sugars, gums, milk products, protease, acidifiers, de-acidifiers as well as a slew of and other ingredients. We wanted to make wine unique to Casa Wallace using grapes from healthy soil and vines, not wine easily fabricated in the wine cellar to taste like every other wine. How can adding powders to change the natural process be healthy? We always try to buy and eat organic; we brought our children up eating local and organic food, why would we even think of making wine any other way! Good-bye industrialized, doped wine! In 2002, we started on the path of biodynamic agriculture and never looked back. We listen to the rhythm of nature and follow the subtle influences of the sun, moon, stars and planets and their relationships to each other as well as their effects on the vine. The logic of the natural process makes so much sense, and our natural wine tastes so good, that we’re surprised wine production ever became industrialized! Our B&B welcomes guests from around the world who tell us they feel like home! We couldn’t do this without the help of our dedicated staff inside the B&B and in the vines. Rodica who has been with us for almost ten years writes:

Hello, My name is Rodica, and I’ve been working at Casa Wallace for nine years. Casa Wallace isn’t only a place where I work, but it’s like my second home. Here, I feel like I’m among family. Claudio and Sarah give me friendship, and our relationship isn’t like boss/worker, but rather a team where everyone contributes towards a wonderful harmony. Working here has given me the possibility to meet many people of different nationalities. It's nice to establish a relationship with them and receive compliments and thanks for my work. We strive to make them feel at home; serene and free to move about as they wish. Working here satisfies me, and it it’s like every day is the first.

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