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Casa Wallace

Via Piazze 25 – 15015 Cremolino AL
Tel: +39 0143 879502


From Genoa:
from Zsl-Centro Ovest, Via San Pier d’Arena, 16149

57 min (59.6 km)
via E25
Fastest route
This route has tolls.
Zsl – Centro Ovest
Via San Pier d’Arena, 16149 Genova

Get on A10/E25/E80 from Strada Statale 1 Via Aurelia and Via Enrico Melen
6 min (4.2 km)

Follow E25 to Strada Provinciale 170/SP170 in Belforte Monferrato. Take exit Ovada from A26/E25
29 min (40.7 km)

Take Strada Provinciale 456 del Turchino, SP204 and Strada Provinciale 456 del Turchino/SP456 to your destination in Cremolino
22 min (14.7 km

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